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Grade: T2 - Narrower but distinct tracks which can be muddy in some places, in pristine natural environments. Facilities are minimal and you will encounter few other walkers. These moderate tours require a reasonable level of fitness.

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Cape Hauy, on the Tasman Peninsula

Cape Hauy displays a dramatic assemblage of dolerite columns and sea stacks thrusting into the Tasman Sea.

The Tasman Peninsula, just one hour from Hobart, features some of Australia’s tallest sea cliffs, and this walk provides the opportunity to view these firsthand as well as enjoy some spectacular coastal scenery. To access the walk, we journey first through delightful farmland east of Hobart, then across the infamous narrow isthmus of Cape Hauy Day TourEaglehawk Neck (the site of the notorious “dog line” from penal times) to the quiet beauty of Fortescue Bay from where we start our walk to Cape Hauy (pronounced “Hoy”).

Starting with a gentle climb up along the lightly timbered cliff tops of Fortescue Bay until we reach the track turnoff to our destination, the track then descends steeply before we glimpse the 300m vertical sea cliffs of the Cape, and the remarkable detached sea stacks nearby - the Totem Pole and the Candlestick.

The track near the Cape passes very close to some dangerous and vertiginous cliffs, so we need to take care and keep back from the edge here. Once at the Cape we can enjoy the stunning coastal views south to Cape Pillar across the Munro Bight, or seaward to Mitre Rock and the more distant Hippolyte Rocks. We may catch the bellows from a nearby seal colony, or just wonder at the forces that both created andthen transformed the Cape in the first place before lunching and returning to our bus at Fortescue Bay.

Cape Hauy

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For further information about Cape Hauy, click here to visit the Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania website.

Discover dramatic dolerite columns and sea stacks at Cape Huay with us!

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