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From ancient and wondrous rainforests to rugged coastlines

Tasmania reveals itself slowly. From its ancient and wondrous temperate rainforests and distinctively rugged coastal parks, it demands your attention and time to discover why a substantial tract has been listed as a World Heritage Area, and regarded as one of the world's top bushwalking destinations.

Horseshoe Falls, Mount Field National Park and Tasman Island looking towrads Cape Pillar

Tasmania's ancient and varied landscape is worlds apart from the continent it belongs to. Forests of ancient conifers and fagus from the Jurassic Age, along with dramatic dolerite cliffs and mountains, are some of the features that make Tasmania's scenery so special. While it does not have the massive scale of the Himalayas or the remarkable pinnacles of Patagonia, it is the last refuge for several mammals that once populated Australia, and one of the few places on earth where you can walk through pristine wilderness environments that have changed little since the time of the dinosaurs. With over 3000km of world class walking tracks, you can choose to walk through a variety of landscapes ranging from glacial tarns, to secluded ocean beaches, craggy mountain tops and ancient rainforests. 

Tasmania's spectacular wilderness will provide  memories to last a lifetime

Given time, Tasmania will capture you, as it has so many others who have experienced its dramatic and spellbinding wilderness firsthand, and reward you with memories that will stay with you for a lifetime. 

With over nineteen national parks and over 400 other reserves and conservation areas readily accessible from Hobart, Tasmania is a bushwalkers' paradise.

20% of Tasmania's landmass is listed as "World Heritage"

In fact, over 30% of Tasmania's landmass is protected in these parks and reserves for bushwalkers and visitors to enjoy. Although there is a concentration in the World Heritage Area (a staggering 20% of Tasmania's landmass that also includes the Overland and South Coast Tracks), parks and reserves can be found throughout all regions of Tasmania and provide a large variety of unique nature experiences. 

Formerly part of the Gondwana super-continent (created over 160 million years ago), Tasmania shares a similar floral legacy with its former neighbours in South America, New Zealand, and even Antarctica. Today you can still discover ancient Gondwana forests that include a large range of uniquely exquisite plantforms generally found nowhere else in the world. 

A great variety of landforms and environments

Tasmania's climatic history and topography have sculpted the landscape over time to create a great variety of landforms and environments including: spectacular fluted dolerite coastal cliff formations on the east and south; dry sclerophyll and wet temperate rainforests in the east and south west (containing the tallest hardwood forests on Earth with many trees reaching nearly 100 metres); alpine moorlands in the high and rugged mountain areas with "ice-chewed" remnants from past glaciations; and bleak wind-scoured button-grass plains in the remote far south west. 

All are accessible, natural wilderness areas that will engage and involve you like no other region in Australia. Let us introduce to you an authentic bushwalking experience that will leave you with a memorable and lasting impression of one of the last temperate wilderness areas on Earth. 

For further information about Tasmania's National Parks and Reserves, click here to visit the Parks & Wildlife Service Tasmania website.

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