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Despite Tasmania's relatively small land mass of approximately 64,000 square km, it has a bountiful range of over 2,000 native and introduced flowering plant species, of which more than 200 are endemic to the State. 

Tasmania's Flora

Tasmania's mountainous landscapes, with over sixty peaks higher than 900m, generate marked differences in rainfall and humidity from west to east creating a great variety of microclimates and diverse soil types, which provide niches for a huge range of plant species.

The World Conservation Union has recognised Tasmania as an
"International Centre for Plant Diversity"

Weathered and faulted rock surfaces, sculpted by past glaciers and eroded by heavy rains, also contribute to the range of soil types and plant environments supporting the variety of species. You can expect to encounter: 

The World Conservation Union has officially recognised this rich mosaic of vegetation in these regions as an International Centre for Plant Diversity. Few regions in Australia, and indeed the world, offer so much in such a compact and accessible area. 

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