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Shortly after establishing our "rural retreat", Base Camp Tasmania, we were registered as Wildlife Carers with the Tasmanian Parks and Wildlife Service’s Orphaned and Injured Wildlife Program.

Since then we have invested heavily in infrastructure here at Base Camp Tasmania for the care of orphaned wildlife and to facilitate their rehabilitation and return to the bush. These animals include Pademelons (Rufus Wallabies), Bennetts Wallabies, Tasmanian Devils, Brushtail Possums, etc – all orphaned as a result of either road-kill, or shooting, or other accidental causes.

Whilst the orphaned animals in our care are unavailable for public inspection (we are not a zoo and unfamiliar human contact is extremely stressful and may even kill them), after successful rearing and release at Base Camp Tasmania, these animals generally remain close by and provide many opportunities for viewing them in their natural state.

Bennetts WallabiesEastern Barred Bandicoot

Bennetts WallabyBennetts Wallabies

Juvenile PademelonJuvenile Forester Kangaroos