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Tasmania lies between latitudes of 40° and 43° south of the equator. However, despite this southerly location it enjoys a temperate and relatively mild climate, especially when compared with northern hemisphere countries that share similar latitudes. This is mainly due to Tasmania's weather extremes being moderated by the surrounding sea, which is no further than 115 km from any point on the island.

A delightfully fresh, clean and invigorating climate

The major weather influences are the "Roaring Forties" (the prevailing westerly winds) generating high winds and heavy rainfall on the west and northwest coast, and low pressure systems (which regularly encircle the globe at this southerly latitudes) creating rapid falls in temperature. These low pressure systems are generally short-lived, only serving to briefly punctuate Tasmania's delightfully fresh, clean and invigorating climate. In midsummer daylight lasts for about 15 hours, and about nine in winter. Snow can occur any time during the year in alpine areas (with the heaviest snowfalls in July and August), but there is no permanent snowline.

Seasonal flooding is more frequent in winter when catchments are full, but can occur throughout the year without any warning in many river systems. Accordingly, bushwalkers should always take care when crossing streams or selecting campsites. During the summer months Tasmania may also experience bushfire conditions - characterised by extremely high temperatures, low humidity and strong northerly winds associated with extended periods of drought. Bushwalkers must be aware of any warnings and choose, as we do, to change or cancel planned walks if weather conditions compromise safety.

Tasmania's temperatures range from occasional very hot days in summer to some bitterly cold nights in winter, although typically the weather is extremely pleasant. The table below shows examples of the temperature ranges for the areas we walk in:

Average Temperature Ranges
18°C - 23°C
10°C - 15°C
9°C - 14°C
4°C - 6°C
17°C - 19°C
5°C - 8°C
6°C - 7°C
-2°C - +2°C

Click here to check the Australian Bureau of Meteorology website for current Tasmanian weather and warnings.

Despite the extremes, Tasmania is renowned for having some of the most agreeable conditions in Australia for bushwalking and enjoying the great outdoors. Enjoy it with us!

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