Transport Tasmania

Transport Service for Bushwalkers

We provide a comprehensive transport service for bushwalkers seeking to access Tasmania’s walking tracks. With our convenient and flexible schedule we have solved the problem of finding connecting transport to and from Hobart Airport, and the many possible walking destinations around Tasmania. On demand, we will pick up bushwalkers either in Hobart CBD or Hobart Airport in our 14-seater bus, and will drop them off in time to connect with return flights.

Tasmanian Wilderness Experiences Transport


Bookings are essential for this service. Contact us first before you make your airline reservations so we can discuss your requirements, and coordinate your travel plans with our existing bookings and airport schedule.

Bushwalkers arriving late may choose to stay at Base Camp Tasmania overnight before departing for their walk the next day, as may those completing their walks before returning home. Our transport service operates from Base Camp Tasmania to facilitate these options. We can also provide track food, protective clothing and other sundry camping/hiking supplies as an additional service if required. Click here for more information about our wilderness lodge, Base Camp Tasmania.

Terms and Conditions

The minimum number of passengers is two. To confirm your booking you must pay the full fare at least seven days in advance of the scheduled pickup date.

Sometimes we must cancel a scheduled trip because of conditions beyond our control (severe weather, impassable roads, bush fires). We reserve the right to cancel a trip without notice, and if we can’t find an alternative trip to suit you, we will promptly refund your fare in full. We will not be responsible for any consequential losses arising from a cancellation.

If you cancel a confirmed booking, we will refund your payment in full if we are able to fill your seat for the proposed trip. If not, we will refund your payment after deducting an administration fee based on the following table:

Cancellation Notice
Administration Fee
< 7
full cost
7 – 14
25% of cost
15 – 30
15% of cost
> 30

Note that we will construe a failure to turn up at the pre-arranged time or place for your tour/trip as a cancellation and will apply the above administration fee.

If we make an extra pickup trip without passengers (see ‘Unforeseen delays’ below), we will charge bushwalkers a surcharge of 50% of the fare for the trip. We will ask you to provide your credit card details in advance to cover this possibility.

Note that we have allowed for a brief stop en route at a public convenience on journeys greater than two hours – additional unscheduled stops will attract a charge of $30/hour or part thereof (including GST) to cover our driver’s wages.

Unforeseen Delays

We recognise that bushwalkers may experience unforeseen delays on the track and may not arrive at their end-point by the prearranged time.

If there are delays, this is our standard operating procedure:

We will:

  1. Arrive at the agreed pickup point at the agreed time (subject to any unforeseen delays we might also encounter en route, for example, roadworks, accidents, etc);
  2. Wait a further hour for the bushwalkers if they are not at the pickup point before returning to Base Camp Tasmania without them;
  3. Leave a message at the Walkers’ Registration Point advising of our expected return time the next day;
  4. Return the following day as soon as possible after fulfilling prior booking commitments;
  5. Contact emergency services on the bushwalkers’ behalf if the bushwalkers have still failed to arrive at the pickup point, and there is no apparent reason for their delay. Before departure bushwalkers should provide us with a Trip Intention Form to assist emergency services.

Airline Reservations and Flights

We recommend you purchase a flexible return flight in case you are delayed by unforeseen circumstances on your walk and also travel insurance to cover any cancellations.


One way fares (including GST) per bushwalkers (which do not include Airport parking fees payable by our clients) based on travel to or from Hobart CBD or Hobart AirportĀ can be downloaded here.

National Park/Trail to/from Hobart Estimated Travel Time (hrs) Fare*
One Way
(inc GST)
Cynthia Bay (Lake St Clair) to Cradle Valley Park HQ 3:00 $264
Douglas Apsley National Park 4:30 $193
Freycinet Circuit 3:00 $182
Mt William Naitonal Park 6:00 $275
Overland Track (Cradle Valley Park HQ) 4:45 $264
Other Long Trip 4:00 $278
Walls of Jerusalem National Park 4:00 $251
Frenchman’s Cap
(Franklin Gordon National Park)
3:00 $187
Federation Peak (Farmhouse Creek) 2:00 $176
Hartz Mt National Park 2:45 $165
Mt Anne (South West National Park) 1:50 $167
Other Medium Trip 2:00-4:00 $167
Overland Track (Cynthia Bay) 2:00 $165
South Coast Track (Cockle Creek) 3:00 $176
Scotts Peak Trailhead
(South West National Park)
2:25 $176
Tasman National Park 1:30 $121
Mount Field (Lake Dobson) 1:40 $155
Other Short Trip <2:00 $64
Hobart Airport/City transfer 0:50 $17
Waiting time – per hour 1:00 $42

*per person

For group discount rates, click here

Note 1: Airport parking fees are not included in the above fares and are payable by our clients.

Note 2: We have allowed for a brief stop en route at a public convenience on journeys greater than two hours – additional unscheduled stops will attract a charge of $30/hour or part thereof (including GST) waiting time to cover our driver’s wages.

Note 3: We offer discounts for large groups, and will also travel to other destinations if our booking commitments allow. Call us to discuss your requirements and we’ll be happy to accommodate you.

With ever-increasing fuel prices, regrettably, our fares are subject to change without notice, so please check with us for the current fare before making your travel arrangements.